A Lull

A Lull

Experimental Indie Rock (Chicago)

If ever a band perfectly defined the old Frank Zappa adage that talking about music is like dancing about architecture, it would be A Lull. The Chicago quintet pushes out a drony ambience wrapped in Indie Pop melodicism, swirling Middle Eastern music with an orchestral Rock undercurrent, and psychedelic Pop spray-painted with Jam band colors. The band’s debut full-length and follow-up EP — this spring’s Confetti and the just released Confetti Reprise respectively — are powerful and impressive to say the least, but amazingly hint at an even greater live depth and presence.

You’ll Dig It If You Dig: Brian Eno, Stewart Copeland and Animal Collective go on a gin-and-tonic picnic and create soundtracks to Dr. Seuss stories translated into Sanskrit. (Brian Baker, CityBeat)

~ “From end to end, Dennis delivers a tireless performance: he darts, he dives, he dips, he sprinkles syllables in fizzy staccato and/or he smears them across a song in breathy fashion.” (Pitchfork)

~ “Blended with beautifully crafted songwriting, the result is a sound that is as unique as it is memorable.” (In Your Speakers)