Asobi Seksu

Asobi Seksu

Lush Indie Pop (Brooklyn, N.Y.)

Rising up out of the early-2000s New York City Rock revival, Asobi Seksu have since shifted gears, moving from sheets of My Bloody Valentine guitar noise to a sleeker, more accessible brand of lush Indie Pop. While the lineup has also shifted over the years, singer/keyboardist Yuki Chikudate and guitarist James Hanna remain Asobi Seksu’s core creative team, delivering the type of atmospheric, Pop-friendly fare that would be right at home as the soundtrack to a European movie about a teenage girl skipping through a field of daisies. Curious tidbit: Asobi Seksu is allegedly the Japanese slang term for “playful sex.”

You’ll Dig It If You Dig: Curve, Lush, Blonde Redhead. (Jason Gargano, CityBeat)

~ “What was once called shoegazer rock – shimmering, multilayered guitars enfolding confessions of longing and ambiguity – is back in Asobi Seksu, a New York band that wraps its guitars and keyboard around well-made pop melodies and the girlish ache of Yuki Chikudate’s voice.” (New York Times)

~ “Fluorescence, their fourth studio album, has an overwhelming brightness — neon synth squiggles illuminate the shoegaze surge of “Counterglow,” while epic centerpiece 'Leave the Drummer Out There' is spotlighted by said instrument’s crisp martial beat.” (Spin)