Psychedelic Synth Pop (Christchurch, New Zealand)

Annabel Alpers did time in several culty band situations before choosing the true solo route and christening her one-woman electronic extravaganza with the somewhat appropriate moniker of Bachelorette (and, no, not as a tribute to or inspired by Björk, thank you, although Alpers hits some Icelandic notes on occasion). On 2009’s My Electric Family, she brought other humans into the mix but her latest eponymous album finds her back in pure Bachelorette mode and making walls of perfect Pop noise all on her own.

You’ll Dig It If You Dig: Brian Eno and Annie Lennox hijack Muse to cover A Wizard A True Star at Björk’s bjackyard bjarbeque. (Brian Baker, CityBeat)

~ "Annabel Alpers, the songwriter from New Zealand who’s behind the studio concoctions of Bachelorette, is fascinated by the way things work: cities, androids, relationships, life and death, 'the neural pathways in my brain.' Her fascination with systems and mechanisms dovetails with her music, which loops and layers her voice and instruments into lofty pop edifices, pulsating and chiming in radiant major chords." (New York Times)

~ "Alpers' flighty vocal is the female equivalent of Syd Barrett and the multitracked harmonies a Spectorish touch, but there's as much '60s Joe Meek, '70s post-punk (Mindwarp recalls Girls At Our Best's jaunty exuberance, Long Time Gone the fragile mantras of Young Marble Giants) and '80s/'90s too (Her Rotating Head occupies the giddy space between Yazoo and Stereolab). A real treasure." (Mojo Magazine)