Bear Hands

Bear Hands

Indie Rock (Brooklyn, N.Y.)

Puns are always a delicate joke style. They’re usually pretty darn funny, but you can’t just let it be. You’ve got to have something more, a little more meat behind the joke. Luckily, Bear Hands (see what they did there?) has an upbeat, twang-tinged brand of Idie Rock that is sure to get the crowd moving and shaking. Vocalist Dylan Rau’s echoed vocals add another layer to the formula, making for a sound that’s so fun, they should be punished. Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

You’ll Dig It If You Dig: Ted Leo and the Pharmacists with a funky edge. (Nick Grever, CityBeat)

~ "A pitch-perfect pairing of post-punk and indie rock." (Spin)

~ "For the past month, we've been telling everyone within earshot about Bear Hands, an unsigned up-and-comer out of Brooklyn that should be on the radar of every indie label." (Entertainment Weekly)