Beat Connection

Beat Connection

Indie/Electro/Pop (Seattle)

Armed with samples and synths, Beat Connection make danceclub jams in the spirit of Depeche Mode or Yaz, but their anthemic Pop has more than a few Avant Garde twists and some clever guitar parts, while the advancements in technology since Synth Pop’s golden age are certainly noticeable. Lauded by The Guardian and numerous other global press outlets, BC’s live show is said to be like a live remix of their recordings.

You’ll Dig It If You Dig: Neo-Disco, Synth Pop, The Drums and LCD Soundsystem. (Mike Breen, CityBeat)

~ "They actually have as much in common with Depeche Mode and Daft Punk as they do the Drums: they're not in hock to high-school rock; instead, they have a penchant for melancholy synth-pop and vocoder disco.... Far from being leftfield fetishists and hang-the-DJ indiephiles, they studied avant-garde composition at college and began making beats on GarageBand before working as DJs." (The Guardian UK)

~ "One of the most exciting acts to come out of Seattle in recent years." (