Ben Lapps

Ben Lapps

Acoustic Guitar (Mason, Ohio)

Fingerstyle guitar ninja Ben Lapps is one of those rare talents that can stop anyone with ears dead in their tracks. The gifted musician has developed a sophistication miles beyond his years, but it isn’t his youth that has caused gasps from audiences in every nook and cranny of Greater Cincinnati (not to mention special events, showcases and competitions across North America), it’s his stunning work on the acoustic guitar. Seemingly effortlessly, Lapps unleashes a full-bodied, instrumental sound that is more percussive than a full drum kit and often as musical as a symphonic composition. Lapps’ recently released his latest album, See, The Sky, worldwide. What did you do when you were 17?

You’ll Dig It If You Dig: Justin King, Michael Hedges and Thomas Leeb (Lapps’ “Big 3” influences). (Mike Breen, CityBeat)

~ "Ben is a very talented young man. His sense of timing, speed, rhythm, and feel in his playing is impeccable." (Bootsy Collins)

~ "Moving ... mesmerizing ... captivating ... an experience not to be missed." (Philip Myers, Ashland Entertainment)