Henry Wolfe

Henry Wolfe

Indie Rock (Los Angeles)

Make no mistake, Henry Wolfe’s debut album, Linda Vista, is filled to overflowing with great songs, noirish urban tales that have the familiar tinge of David + David with a decidedly more gentle Pop vibe, and great performances from Wolfe and his crack band. But the most opportune bit of fortune for Wolfe in all of this may well turn out to be the appearance of current “It” girl Brit Marling in the ultra cool video for “Someone Else” which may wind up generating as much chat as Wolfe’s American Coldplay aura. The fact remains that Linda Vista is a work of engaging and subtle power and Henry Wolfe feels like one of those artists who’s destined to be around for a long run.

You’ll Dig It If You Dig: Harry Nilsson and Randy Newman tag team a Pop movie score in 1970 with Paul McCartney at the console; Coldplay covers it in the here and now. (Brian Baker, CityBeat)

~ “Fresh Faces of 2011,” praising Linda Vista as “sturdy, smart, and immediately hummable.” (Los Angeles Times)

~ “Bluesy piano chords, silly-sad lyrics, and bravely true vocals combine to form something we’ll call 'Muppet Soul.' It’s adorable, it’s touching, and it sounds like the story from an ’80s movie.” (Nylon)

~ “Wolfe puts a unique spin on the singer-songwriter tradition.” (WXPN/NPR, Philadelphia)