In Tall Buildings

In Tall Buildings

Indie/Pop/Rock (Chicago)

Hailed by many in the Windy City as one of the best new acts in town, In Tall Buildings is the brainchild of Erik Hall, guitarist for Fusion group NOMO. Hall’s recordings (recreated live with a full band) use some electronics and show faint signs of various Indie Rock influences, but it’s all distilled through Hall’s wandering imagination and inherent songwriting/arranging gifts. Hall’s music is blissfully unpredictable, as the whirling tremelo, rootsy core and sweeping clarinet riffs on the track “The Way to a Monster’s Lair” showcase beautifully.

You’ll Dig It If You Dig: Hall’s kaleidoscopic array of influences, from Steve Reich and Maurice Ravel to Neil Young and Gillian Welch. (Mike Breen, CityBeat)

~ "Erik Hall's tunes are dense and textured, veering from the jaunty 'The Way to a Monster's Lair,' colored by a swooning clarinet line from NOMO bandmate Elliot Bergman (the only other musician who appears on the recording), to the minimalist 'Flemishing,' which unfolds over a hypnotic nine-plus minutes. Listening to the record, it's little surprise to hear Hall name-check a diverse array of influences, including Steve Reich, Neil Young, Maurice Ravel and Gillian Welch." (Chicago Tribune)

~ "In Tall Buildings is the aural representation of a pleasantly scattered mind..." (American Songwriter)

~ "[Hall's] spacious, handcrafted pop, awash in synthesizers, reverb and bedroom-recording static, evokes rootless melancholy without wallowing in it..." (Chicago Reader)