Kentucky Knife Fight

Kentucky Knife Fight

Americana (St. Louis)

When a critic compares your band to either The Stooges or Tom Waits, you’ve got a lot of expectation to address. When a critic compares your band to The Stooges and Tom Waits, you’d better be bringing your A-game, every single time. Kentucky Knife Fight lives up to every ridiculously lofty thing that’s ever been said or printed or spray-painted on an alley wall about them. Garages all over the Midwest are bitterly jealous that KKF’s raw and razor sharp riffs aren’t pouring out of them, other bands marvel at how so little can sound so bloody great and the Earth wonders how it can be as cool as Kentucky Knife Fight. By the way, it can’t be done.

You’ll Dig It If You Dig: The Replacements and The Stooges shoot dice in tuxes against the swankiest abandoned building in town. (Brian Baker, CityBeat)

~ “Imagine the Replacements suffering through sweltering Midwestern summer nights instead of cold Minnesota winters, and infused with a little less punk and a little more dirty twang..." (Christian Schaeffer, Riverfront Times)

~ “KKF exhumes the shriveled-up corpse of ‘70s punk, cuts it open, and stuffs it full of swaggering rockabilly rhythm. For good measure, it throws in a touch of honky tonk." (MP Johnson, Razorcake)