Kindest Lines

Kindest Lines

Synth Pop (New Orleans)

Kindest Lines hearken back to a time when the term Synth Pop didn’t necessarily denote a keyboard-centric band of hairsprayed brothers and sisters. In fact, the New Orleans trio not only retains a high profile guitar presence, they offer up walls of Shoegaze shred, ’60s girl group textures and an overall Pop appreciation that clearly and appropriately lightens the traditionally dark gothic corners that tend to dominate the Synth Pop genre. There’s certainly plenty of that on Kindest Lines’ debut album, Covered in Dust, but there is a diversity of style, presentation and intent that transcends Synth Pop’s normally narrow definition.

You’ll Dig It If You Dig: A lighter Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark, a deeper Depeche Mode, a shorter Ride, an older New Order, fraternal Thompson Twins. (Brian Baker, CityBeat)

~ "It would be a bit misleading to merely call New Orleans-based Kindest Lines a synth act. Certainly, the trio’s got a knack for the pulsing dance beats and minor-key trills that have become Wierd Records’ calling card of late–but one listen to Kindest Lines’ debut LP Covered in Dust reveals a vast pop sensibility that weaves lovelorn ’60s girl groups, washes of shoegaze guitar, and heart-on-your-sleeve indie pop together with the pounding synth hooks throughout. (

~ "While Kindest Lines certainly appeal to Wierd's black-clad demographic, I think the band's debut, Covered in Dust, could be the label's breakout hit. There's your requisite minor key synth rock, but Kindest Lines also allow more than a few rays of sunshine in between the clouds. They've also studied up on how to meld vintage synths with guitars — New Order's 1984 classic Low Life is an obvious touchstone here. It's a solid record." (