Maza Blaska

Maza Blaska

Indie (Columbus, Ohio)

Shading its alluring Indie Pop base coat with flecks of world textures and rhythms, Maza Blaska’s debut album, Storyteller, is about widened, wiser perspectives from the get-go. But that theme goes deeper when you know the backstory of how the songs on the record were written (and other artwork created) to keep his mind busy during a transformative period living in Jerusalem.

You’ll Dig It If You Dig: Vampire Weekend, The Shins, art as catharsis. (Mike Breen, CityBeat)

~ "A cross-continental friendship, a kaleidoscopic fascination with the musical styles of myriad cultures and a flexible arrangement that permits a rotating cast of characters have turned Maza Blaska into a thriving band." (The Columbus Dispatch)

~ "Despite the heavy subject matter, Storyteller presents bright, accessible indie-pop of the post-Garden State variety imbued with omnivorous globetrotting flair. The shorthand is easy: 'The Shins do tango, mariachi and more!' But these songs are honest and complex, fully realized on the musical plane after two years of development." (Columbus Alive)