Okay Lindon

Okay Lindon

Indie Pop (Middletown, Ohio)

Okay Lindon’s geographical placement between Dayton and Cincinnati perfectly positions the Middletown quintet to draw philosophically from both eclectic scenes. As a result, the one-time solo project for singer/songwriter Dustin Smith vibrates with the hallucinatory hard Pop of Robert Pollard’s hometown while hewing to the shadowy edges of Cincinnati’s borderless atmosphere. Smith is a master of conjuring up a ringingly joyous soundtrack in the service of a pensive lyrical message - they define it as “Bummer Pop” - which further cements Okay Lindon’s adaptability to either local scene, or any scene for that matter.

You’ll Dig It If You Dig: Ron Sexsmith’s light/dark romantic Pop as steered by the Cure and Guided By Voices. (Brian Baker, CityBeat)

~ "While their 2009 release Everything in Moderation showed exceptional promise, Rotating Dates is a quantum jump for the band in terms of songwriting, performance, and production ... a classic contribution to the Midwestern rock aesthetic: earnest songwriting framed by bare-bones arrangements that connect with raw immediacy." (The Buddha Den)

~ "A brilliant study in concision and minimalism within a pop songwriting framework.... Smith excels at juxtaposing infectious pop tunes against introspective, melancholy lyrical themes." (Dayton City Paper)

~ "A collection of lush songs with tight arrangements and memorable melodies that should grab listeners on the fist spin" (Active Dayton)

~ "An album filled with gems that are easy to relate to but aren’t reaching for a particular niche" (City Beat)

~ "I have no category for them ... and I'm sure Dustin would appreciate that. It's just good music." (IWriteYouReadWeTalk)