Experimental Art Pop (Brooklyn, N.Y.)

Milwaukee native/Brooklyn resident Margaret Stutt, dba Pezzetino, is a sonic alchemist, turning texture and atmosphere and sensation into music with synth and accordion and force of creative will. How many people would use the start-up music from Pac-Man as a riff for a song with the title message of “I’m a cold hard chick...”? That’s Pezzetino in a nutshell. Also included in that nutshell are influences and elements of Hip Hop, Folk, Punk, World, House and Classical musics which, when assembled by Stutt into the Pezzetino sound, makes no sense and perfect sense, a wonderful state of blissful confusion and dissociative familiarity. Experimental Art Pop isn’t just a genre for Pezzetino, it’s the holy trinity.

You’ll Dig It If You Dig: The Cranberries genetically modified with bits of Beck and Andrew Bird. (Brian Baker, CityBeat)

~ “Quirky brand of accordion pop and quickly won us over with her personal brand of lyrics and melody. In a world full of Ingrid Michaelsons, she’s found a way to dig a niche that separates her from the rest of the crowd...” (WFPK)

~ “If accordion is ever going to be integrated into heavy metal, Margaret Stutt will be the one to do it.” (AV Club)

~ “Strangely non-traditional and familiar at the same time.... It’s like someone gave the Arcade Fire’s Regine her own solo project when she was a young girl, but minus the shouting.... There’s a lot of Regina Spektor in her voice at times, there’s little melodic flourishes that occasionally remind me of Andrew Bird and her use of the piano reminds me of a few of Final Fantasy’s songs on He Poos Clouds.” (You Ain’t No Picasso)