Sister Crayon

Sister Crayon

Trip Hop/Soul/Ambient (Sacramento, Calif.)

Ambient atmospherics and Industrial undercurrents with unmistakable elements of Soul emotionalism and Trip Hop dreamscaping define Sister Crayon’s broad sonic expanse. The band began as a Classical guitar/loop pedal solo project for Terra Lopez, who quickly expanded her musical parameters with the addition of sample master Dani Fernandez, guitarist/keyboardist Jeffrey LaTour and drummer Nicholas Suhr. Sister Crayon’s music veers between gentle ambience and visceral explosiveness, the soundtrack for an avant-garde art film on death and happiness projected on the Aurora Borealis. Prepare to be moved.

You’ll Dig It If You Dig: Over the Rhine, Innocence Mission and Morcheeba take ethereal aggression to a new astral plane. (Brian Baker, CityBeat)

~ "Success aside, what you get with this band is sincerity, thoughtfulness, intense beauty, wisdom, joy, and (perhaps, best of all) music that should be at once pondered and cherished." (Josh Fernandez,

~ "Sister Crayon paints a soundscape – note by note, layer by layer – which can overall either be sorrowful or triumphant. Either way, it’s gorgeous to listen to." (BeatCrave)