Alt/Indie/Rock (Nashville)

Building since 2009, SpiderFriends began as a side-project duo featuring singer/guitarist Parker Donaldson and drummer Peter Wierenga. (Ah ha! Peter + Parker = Spiderman reference.) Growing in stature and size very quickly, the band emerged earlier this year with the brilliant full-length Dr. Bendo and the Agents of Alchemy, showcasing its new, beefier identity as a powerhouse Rockadelic quintet.

You’ll Dig It If You Dig: Placebo, Forget Cassettes, White Stripes gone Proggy. (Mike Breen, CityBeat)

~ "There's something delightfully strange about Spider Friends that isn't easy to put a finger on." (The Nashville Scene)

~ "A seismic and passionate sound led by one of the most eccentric and energetic entertainers in Nashville makes for an ever impressive live show by this powerhouse of a band." (The Rabbit Press)

~ SpiderFriends has been frequently mentioned in The Nashville Scene, most notably in the "Bands to Watch in 2010" edition and the 2010 review for their showcase in the Next Big Nashville edition. They have frequented the Rabbit Press Release Parties and the SESAC Rock the Block showcases.