The Bright Light Social Hour

The Bright Light Social Hour

Indie/Rock/Funk (Austin, Tex.)

When you are declared the best Rock band in Austin, it’s sayin’ somethin’. Buzz band The Bright Lights Social Hour not only scored that impressive seal of approval at the most recent Austin Music Awards, they also managed to win five other awards, including Album of the Year and Song of the Year That’s really sayin’ something’. BLSH’s sound has a mysterious charm, a dusty old urban-bluesy, Neo Soul Rock vibe with the perfect balance of heaviness and levity, silky smoothness and dirty funkiness. This one could very likely be the “sleeper” pick of the fest, as in — don’t sleep on this band’s highly acclaimed live show.

You’ll Dig It If You Dig: My Morning Jackson doing Prince and Average White Band covers with the Allman Brothers and Black Keys ’til 6 a.m. in the back of the disco. (Mike Breen, CityBeat)

~ "Fine rock & roll that features elements of funk, psychedelia and soul the likes of which haven't been heard since Studio 54 in its heyday." (The Ruckus)

~ "The Bright Light Social Hour is a prophet of the future, calling the newly baptized to the altar of rock and the old faithful back into the fold." (The Austin Chronicle)