The Cincy Brass

The Cincy Brass

Funk/Hip Hop/Brass (Cincinnati)

The Cincy Brass is a band whose equation adds up for more than its components would make you think. A brass ensemble playing covers of pop hits and N’awlins street music sounds fun, but only for a little while. So you slide over to YouTube to hear some of the band’s sounds. Then you’ll look at the clock and realize you’ve got 13 different tabs open and you’ve spent two hours listening to the band. Not bad for a bunch of horn blowers.

You’ll Dig It If You Dig: Seeing the high school band kids making good. (Nick Grever, CityBeat)

~ "Sometimes, simplicity is complicated. This formula is one of the best I've ever sampled. Ten dudes + ten cohesively-played instruments + Cincy-sass + choice covers + rabid fun = an entire set devoted to getting your dance groove ON." (MPMF.11 Monty shoutOUT)

~ "People were screaming (literally) with joy, and dancing maniacs made the party all the more fun and sweaty." (Metromix Cincinnati)