The Giving Tree Band

The Giving Tree Band

Folk (Yorkville, Ill.)

The Giving Tree is one heavy children’s book. It’s sad but ends with a message of hope. It’s a nuanced read, with more depth than one would initially expect. The same can be said of The Giving Tree Band. These Folk rockers cultivate a sound that mirrors their namesake, with soulful vocals and heartfelt musicianship that hearkens back to classic American Folk. In a genre where honesty is key, The Giving Tree Band gives their audiences their all.

You’ll Dig It If You Dig: Mumford and Sons, Bob Dylan. (Nick Grever, CityBeat)

~ "Emulating the heart of the Midwest, Americana darlings the Giving Tree Band combine pastoral, old-time indie-folk with heartfelt narrative lyrics." (PopMatters)

~ "Harkening back to a wide swath of the classic rock pantheon - such as Neil Young, Bob Dylan, the Band, the Grateful Dead and the Beatles - but with a fuller sound featuring quasi-orchestral instrumentation and barbershop-octet harmonies." (Acoustic Guitar Magazine)