The Moaners

The Moaners

Rock/Roots/Experimental Pop (Chapel Hill, N.C.)

Melissa Swingle and Laura King of North Carolina duo create an otherworldly sound with, primarily, just guitar, drums and their voices. It’s the slanted way the twosome approaches songwriting that instantly grabs your attention. The slide-guitar work is angled, almost tilting a track on its side when it comes in strong, while the harmonies and melodies float along with a primal yet haunting quality, scurrying from expectations right when you think you’ve got it all figured out. Sometimes rockin’, other times hovering on a bed of bluesy atmospherics, The Moaners are blissfully hard to pinpoint and charming enough to make you not care and dip your toes into the weirdness.

You’ll Dig It If You Dig: Scrawl, Moldy Peaches, Sonic Youth. (Mike Breen, CityBeat)

~ "Too garage-rocky and quirky to qualify as genuine blues and too driven by wild slide guitar work to tag as typical indie-rock, The Moaners are into something different." (Charleston City Paper)

~ "Here’s a drum and guitar two-piece out of Carolina on a self appointed mission to evoke the Southern landscape of Faulkner and O’Connor." (americanaUK)