The Seedy Seeds

The Seedy Seeds

Indie Rock (Cincinnati)

After six years of turning audiences into slavish loyalists and hiring high end cabinet makers to craft appropriate storage for the surplus of Cincinnati Entertainment Awards bling they’ve been bagging, The Seedy Seeds decided it must be time for their best year ever. Complete Verb Noun, their best album to date? Check. Extensive cross country touring? Check. Their third Austin amble for six SXSW shows? Check. Their very first trek to the West Coast? Check. Gear up for a great MidPoint, maybe a new song, and settle in to scarf up more CEA hardware? Check. Learn to play chess? Check. Wow, we just started ... these guys are great at everything.

You’ll Dig It If You Dig: Thrift store Electronica budget, symphony orchestra talent, world class musical result. (Brian Baker, CityBeat)

~ "For all the whirling bits and pieces ... [The Seedy Seeds] generate a surprisingly cohesive sound. It’s dizzying, perplexing and wonderfully fun." (NPR)

~ "It’s always a feat when a band decides to go beyond something that can be put into a simple genre. Thankfully, we still have groups around like The Seedy Seeds." (Fearless Radio)