Timatim Fitfit

Timatim Fitfit

Baroque Gypsy Rock (Brooklyn, N.Y.)

Salvador Dali once noted, “The difference between myself and a madman is that I am not mad.” That same fine distinction could apply to Timatim Fitfit frontman Tim Cluff (who also plays accordion in a Kurt Weill cover band) and probably has some relevence for the Rock band of gypsies he’s assembled to play his cracked contemporary takes on Cossack Jazz and old world Folk with a St. Vitus energy. Bring your fur hat and your high kicking ability, and troika the night away.

You’ll Dig It If You Dig: Devotchka and Loudon Wainwright go gypsy native and interpret old Tom Lehrer songs like the Dead Sea Scrolls. (Brian Baker, CityBeat)

~ "Madness and genius ... Attention, Timatim Fitfit is a songwriter of complex but secure talent." (myhandcuff.blogspot, Stilographics)

~ "Brookyn’s Timatim Fitfit is one of the more intriguing projects I’ve come across this year, and despite the fact that he lacks the trademark mustache, I’m beginning to wonder if frontman Tim Cluff might not have been created from a rib of Franz Nicolay." (My Old Kentucky Blog)