Total Babes

Total Babes

Rock/Indie (Cleveland)

Sorry to break it to you, guys: Total Babes do not, in fact, have any total babes in the band. But don’t let the lack of beautiful women dissuade from checking out this Cleveland lo-fi Rock crew. With quick and dirty guitar playing, reminiscent of early The Strokes (and the ensuing wave of “The Noun” bands) and upbeat gang vocals, Total Babes will make you want to dig out your skinny ties and skinnier jeans. With their exciting sound, Total Babes might be leading a lo-fi revival. And that’s totally hot.

You’ll Dig It If You Dig: Reading this preview and having fond memories of all the “The Noun” bands of years past. (Nick Grever, CityBeat)

~ "Over a month ago we posted the first mp3 from a seemingly unassuming Cleveland lo-fi pop punk band that had a few of the Cloud Nothings guys. But after a live show, some live videos, a cassette copy of Swimming Through Sunlight and now another mp3, it’s safe to say that Chris Brown’s Total Babes earworm melodies are here to stay." (Fresh Heirs)

~ "...wildly infectious" (Pitchfork)