Unknown Mortal Orchestra

Unknown Mortal Orchestra

Psychedelic Pop (Portland, Ore.)

Less than a year ago, Ruban Nielson posted the song “Ffunny Ffriends” on the BandCamp web site, leading to a hype campaign by Pitchfork, label offers and CMJ showcase slots. This was all very confusing to Nielson, who was recording alone in his New Zealand bedroom for no one but himself. As if he could stand any more fast forwarding, Nielson — who had relocated to Portland with his band Mint Chicks — put together the band he knew he would need to execute his musical vision, described as “alien beatnik Pop music” with sides of ’60s Psychedelia and Krautrock minimalism. Be amazed, be very amazed.

You’ll Dig It If You Dig: Arthur Lee’s Love as produced by Frank Zappa and played through groovy loudspeakers on top of Ken Kesey’s San Francisco bus fleet. (Brian Baker, CityBeat)

~ "Like T. Rex's Marc Bolan before him, Unknown Mortal Orchestra's Ruban Nielson's got a cool (if girlishly high) voice and an easy way with fuzzed-up, flawless pop hooks. He's a bit of a shredder, too. Throw in some Syd Barrett's lo-fi playfulness and the swinging teutonic beats of Can, and Nielson's stitched together everything that's worth remembering about 1972 on the self-titled debut [released on] Fat Possum. With the album's mashing of whimsical weirdness and classic hot licks it could easily pass for genuine stoned artifact." (Rolling Stone)

~ No. 15 of "50 Best New Bands of 2011." (NME)