Vanity Theft

Vanity Theft

Pop/Rock/Dance (Dayton, Ohio)

Funky, hooky, sassy and brassy, the music of Vanity Theft continues to reach wider audiences who become unavoidably sucked in by the Dayton quartet’s many charms. The MPMF alums are a blast live, but watch your step, gentlemen callers: The ladies of VT don’t take any shit. As bassist Lalaine Paras says, “We may have vaginas, but we’re not pussies.”

You’ll Dig It If You Dig: Franz Ferdinand; The Ting Tings; Luscious Jackson. (Mike Breen, CityBeat)

~ "Vanity Theft may be all-female, but this foursome definitely isn’t your average girl group With catchy guitar riffs, an in-your-face sound and lyrics that are, ahem, straight to the point, this band is determined to set themselves apart from a sea of frilly pop." (Nylon)

~ "Vanity Theft are made up of four smoking hot Ohio rockers, each gal more rocker than the next. Their music consists of super catchy, newly edgy and ridiculously fun dance tracks, that start off hard and end up all soft and sultry."(New York Post)