Viva Voce

Viva Voce

Shoegaze/Indie Rock (Portland, Ore.)

Dichotomy is a beautiful thing in music. Take Viva Voce; husband-and-wife duo Kevin and Anita Robinson started the band 13 years ago in Muscle Shoals, Alabama, the name is Latin for “living voice” but widely interpreted as “word of mouth,” and they gave Nashville a try before heading out to Portland, Oregon to pursue their Shoegaze sound in earnest. Viva Voce’s early work was a powerful mix of Psychedelic tumult and Ambient reflection, but their latest VV album, The Future Will Destroy You, is significantly impacted by the direction of the Robinsons’ Folk side project, Blue Giant, leading the new Viva Voce down a fresh yet familiar sonic path.

You’ll Dig It If You Dig: My Bloody Valentine, light on the bloody, heavy on the valentine, initials carved into a lone tree in an empty field. (Brian Baker, CityBeat)

~ "The new Viva Voce signals a brilliant developmental step for a band that already had nailed down their distinctive differences." (CityBeat)

~ "Viva Voce are back kicking ass and taking names on their sixth studio LP, The Future Will Destroy You. Anita and Kevin Robinson sound as lush and bluesy as ever here, with the moody guitar snarls, psychedelic keys, and shaken beat of "Plastic Radio" and effects laden vocals and low acoustic jangle of enchanting "No Ship Coming In" pulling you in so the slippery guitar of dreamily seductive "Diamond Mine" can knock you around something fierce." (IGN Music)