We Are Hex

We Are Hex

Indie/Punk (Indianapolis)

Over the past three years, We Are Hex has worked a bleak and visceral groove that references Dark Wave classicists like Joy Division and early Cure while raging with a sonic contemporary heartpunch. The band’s two harrowing albums, Gloom Bloom and Hail the Goer, have been enthusiastically received, ultimately making a fan of Jack White, who produced a single for his Third Man label single series; perhaps we’ll get a taste of either or both sides, “Twist the Witch’s Titty” and “Through the Doldrums to the Dum Dums,” and We Are Hex’s new two-basses-and-drums set up. Wear protective gear, kids.

You’ll Dig It If You Dig: P.J. Harvey and Patti Smith put Killing Joke’s brains in the Bad Seeds’ bodies and sing under Iggy Pop’s balcony. (Brian Baker, CityBeat)

~ "We Are Hex describe their sound as an amalgam of noise, dance, doom, psychedelia, 50s and 60s pop and punk. And for once, a band’s grandiose claims of musical diversity aren’t utter bullshit. They combine all of those genres into a dreamy, dark and somewhat disturbing sonic stew." (BEAST Feedback)

~ "Slightly coldwave, no wave, and 21st Century chic, these gritty rockers will have you bouncing around the room." (Zaptownmag.com)

~ "We Are Hex sound like Yeah Yeah Yeahs, except if they were more into Jesus Lizard, Pop Group and Suicide than John Hughes movie soundtracks." (www.detour-mag.com)