Xiu Xiu

Xiu Xiu

Avant Pop (Brooklyn, N.Y.)

Nearly a decade in, Xiu Xiu shows no signs of slowing down, dropping one Avant Pop record after another. The five-piece’s most recent effort (for current label Kill Rock Stars), Dear God, I Hate Myself, delivers yet another mix of catchy, mood-drenched sonic ditties with dark, troubling and often sexually charged subject matter. On the seemingly upbeat “Chocolate Makes You Happy,” singer Jamie Stewart’s emotional, quasi-operatic voice emits lyrics like “Chocolate makes you happy/As you deign to sing along/When you thrust two fingers/Down your throat and/Wash away what’s wrong.” Xiu Xiu believes in the David Lynch approach to art: The surface might be pretty, but dysfunction and darkness lurks underneath.

You’ll Dig It If You Dig: A Glitch Pop version of The Cure; sexual frustration; a cupcake laced with arsenic. (Jason Gargano, CityBeat)

~ "Every time [Xiu Xiu]'s about to come out with a new album, I think, 'I must be over this by now.' I never am. Even without McElroy at his side, [Jamie]'s still got plenty of excoriating to do and a surplus of pressurized self to vent." (Pitchfork)

~ "Outrageous brillance" and 4 out of 5 stars (Spin)

~ "Xiu Xiu main man Jamie Stewart is the world's oddest and best pop star-in-waiting." (NME)