Electro/Indie/Etc. (Chicago)

Indie rock, techno and dance music are pretty much the polar opposites in the grand music genre spectrum. But these Chicago natives don’t seem to give a damn about all that. Between powerful afrobeats, usage of offbeat instrumentation and out-in-left-field sounds concocted from keyboards and guitar, this quartet is sure to play something you haven’t heard before. But after the initial confusion fades, you’ll be drawn into the performance like a moth to a very funky flame.

You’ll Dig It If You Dig: Dancing to the beat of a very, very different drum. (Nick Grever, CityBeat)

~ "With a bit of a tribal vibe, a simple, repetitive beat and a soft round of vocals, we just can't get enough of this song ['Kind of Guy']." (NME)

~"clattering polyrhythms, sing-along harmonies, spare electronics, and some African guitar trills that place the band squarely along the latter-day AnCo/Yeasayer axis." (Pitchfork)

~ "Sparkly electro-pop perfect for remixing." (Chicago Reader)