Youth Lagoon

Youth Lagoon

Dynamic Bedroom Pop (Boise, Idaho)

Trevor Powers grew up in Boise listening to the dreamy sounds of the Cocteau Twins, one day hoping to capture that band’s mysterious power in his own musical endeavor. Well, one day is finally here. Powers’ one-man bedroom project, aka the sweetly named Youth Lagoon, dropped its first single, “July,” in May, yielding a torrent of music blog praise for its slow-building majesty and its ability to sound like more than just one dude in a bedroom. Like the Cocteaus, Powers’ understated vocals are sometimes hard to decipher, but that only adds the the song’s strange, otherworldly allure. Youth Lagoon’s full-length debut, The Year of Hibernation, will be released by Fat Possum on Sept. 27; until then check out Youth Lagoon’s first-ever tour, which Powers says will include a full band and nary a pillow.

You’ll Dig It If You Dig: Cocteau Twins, East River Pipe, Grandaddy playing from deep within a cave. (Jason Gargano, CityBeat)

~ "Montana starts on his grandma’s piano in the attic, or so it sounds, gradually building into a loner’s anthem of tambourine, guitar and ringing synths. It’s easy to picture him stomping around up there, shaking all the painting off the dining room walls." (The Fader)

~ "An elegant masterpiece, combining lo-fi and dream pop influences to expert effect." (Crack in the Road)