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Sept. 22–24, 2011


Dewey's Pizza
Vitamin Water
Stella Artois



Greetings MPMFers!  We are one month out from the 10th Annual MidPoint Music Festival!  We have added many new features including a new partnership with Procter & Gamble, MidPoint's Biore Strip, the MidPoint Midway featuring ArtWorks' Box Truck Carnival, the vitaminwater room at The Hanke Building, VIP Sanctuary Room, all-ages performances at SCPA and Media Bridges, a Bikers MidPoint, Busken Bakery Donut Deployment, MidPoint Poster Expo curated by Powerhouse Factories and the return of Dewey's Pizza Main Stage at Grammer's.  More information to come.  Click here for details.

The $39 discount tickets at Fountain Square during the MidPoint Indie Summer Series are dwindling.  There is a very limited quantity left so get 'em while they last...cuz it won't be long. 

We still need MPMF.11 Volunteers!  Positions include Venue Leads, Door, Stage Managers, Stagehands, Biker Couriers, Artist Hospitality, Headquarters, MidPoint Midway, the VIP Sanctuary Room and more!  Register here for more details or email with any questions.

The MPMF.11 Schedule is up!!  Check back often as we'll be updating regularly.  Get familiar with MPMF.11 artists on the vitaminwater music player and the Band Profile page with photos, links and free downloads! 

MidPoint Indie Summer Series :: August 19

 9:30pm :: Bad Veins

Let the record state: there's nothing bad about Bad Veins. This Cincinnati-based duo consistently delivers the goods in every genre they dabble in. Mixing indie-rock sensibilities with reflective, insightful lyricism, soaring orchestral accompaniment provided by a classic reel-to-reel named Irene and driving, exuberant drumming, each time Bad Veins reaches for the sky and lands solidly among the stars. Vocalist/guitarist Ben Davis has a rich, plaintive voice that carries each song's emotions, from all-out anthems (Gold and Warm) to wistful, heartfelt yearnings (Crosseyed, my absolute favorite). Their self-titled first album struck an emotional chord with fans, and they're following it up with a newly-finished second album. In fact, they're shooting a music video next Saturday, August 27, at WCET on Central Parkway, in support of a new song. Join me on Fountain Square and we'll all dance together!

8:15pm ::  The Chocolate Horse (CD Release Party!!!)

A myriad of eclecticism and intrigue, The Chocolate Horse will satisfy just about any aural craving you could possibly have. A six-piece group from Cincinnati, these gentlemen count a flute, French horn and a bow saw among the instruments wielded by their wildly talented members. Vocalist Jason Snell takes us on an atmospheric journey in each slightly fuzzed-out, slow-building song, making sure we pay attention to each lyric that floats atop deftly constructed and haunting harmonic layers. The Chocolate Horse rides sonic waves of reflective, distorted guitars, steady bass lines, fluid percussion and the added spice of those surprise instruments to meld alt-rock and experimental genres in a cohesive way. And, congratulations are in order! The Chocolate Horse has just released Beasts, their third album! Make sure you grab a copy while jamming out to their inviting tunes on Fountain Square! (Let's stand in line together--I'm the riverboat captain with the big mustache.)

7:00pm:: Kry Kids

The only tears you'll shed while listening to Kry Kids are ones induced by sore feet from too much spaz-tastic dancing. This Queen City quartet will engulf your eardrums with their patented brand of thrumming, buzzing electro-rock that steers through metallic, murky corners with splashes of distortion, synthesizer and slinky, smoky vocals. Composed of adept multi-instrumentalists, Kry Kids sway gleefully through an autumnal, quivering rock platform and stretch their busy hands to grab pieces of raucous dance electronica to create a recipe of infectious, seductive tunes no one can resist. In a fitting move, Kry Kids released their debut album, Happy Tomato, earlier this year through the digital marketing platform, The All Night Party. That's so meta. I've already got my button; you should scoop one up too. And while you're at it, taste the rainbow, party like it's 1999, feel the rhythm of the night, do whatever you must, but geez, Louise, Bowie put it best: Let's dance!


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